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Protect your brand and its products – with a counterfeit-proof security solution tailored specifically to your needs.
Hologram labels

Hologram/OVD Labels

Self-adhesive hologram labels (OVD labels) for manual or machine application. For counterfeit protection, security seal or optical enhancement. Holograms/OVDs in the form of self-adhesive labels represent the perfect solution for applying holograms to products of all types and conditions. advast suisse produces hologram labels for decorative use on packaging and printed materials and for security labels – counterfeit-proof security features to banknote standard for protecting products, brands and documents.

Hologram/OVD Labels
valuesafe scan label

Product Authentication with valuesafe®

Product authentication, brand protection and traceability. Everything from a single source thanks to valuesafe®. The valuesafe® smart label technology from advast suisse allows your customers to check the authenticity of products in seconds. No app, no Bluetooth, no NFC or other software required. valuesafe® takes track and trace technology to a new level. It allows your customers to check the authenticity of products in just a few seconds using a smartphone.

Tamper Evident Security Labels

Tamper-Evident Security Labels

Anti-counterfeit and tamper-proof labels for sealing packages, housings, containers, cabinets and doors. Security seals have applications across every industry: they are used wherever containers, housings or boxes require a verifiable, tamper-proof seal. Thanks to transfer-proofing, these labels destroy themselves when an attempt is made to remove them and therefore cannot be reused.

Tamper-Evident Labels
Nanocrypt protected security hologram

Holographic Cold Foils

Cold foil application makes it possible to achieve cost-effective holographic effects and security features. Further cold foil stamping does not lead to any deformation of the substrate – embossed counterfeit-proof security features such as nanotext and microtext remain visible and can be authenticated. advast suisse produces holographic cold foils for decorative use on packaging and printed materials and for security labels.

Holographic Cold Foils
Holographic Stamping Foil

Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

Holographic stamping foils for single images and repeat/running motifs. For use on documents, security printed materials and plastic cards. OVDs produced as hot stamping foils offer a wide range of options for further processing. Depending on the printing stock, materials and your individual production specifications, we determine the best approach for producing the optimal foil for your application, whether on paper or plastic card.

Holographic Hot Foils
Nanocrypt High Security OVD

Nanocrypt® High Security OVDs

Nanocrypt® technology offers unique optical features and high-level security features in the nano spectrum. The sophisticated security features that can be achieved with Nanocrypt® technology cannot be simulated or reproduced using conventional techniques (analog or digital production technologies such as dot-matrix imaging). Forensic and machine-readable elements and structures are possible in addition to the visible security features. Holograms with Nanocrypt® technology are primarily used in high-security applications.

Nanocrypt® OVDs
Windshield Label

Windshield Label Solutions

Tamper-proof solutions based on security labels for windscreens and vignettes. advast suisse offers field-tested, high-quality solutions for government agencies, authorities and the private sector: official vignettes, registration certificates, access permits and parking permits for optimal parking management.

Windshield Label
Security Labels with QR code

Generic Hologram Designs

Holograms/OVDs in the form of self-adhesive labels represent the perfect option for applying a hologram solution to products of all types and conditions. Select from various basic designs which can be individualized with your logo and/or variable data. Generic hologram designs are perfect for simple security features and offer practical counterfeit protection. Visit our online shop for holographic labels and security labels. Generic Hologram are perfect for short runs and small budgets.

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FMD-compliant Pharma Labels

Anti-counterfeiting and FMD-compliant security labels for pharmaceutical products. Solutions for tamper-proof protection, tamper evidence, and track and trace. The European Parliament’s directive 2011/62/EU (FMD – Falsified Medicines Directive) stipulates that each individual product must have both a serial number and a feature that provides tamper evidence. advast suisse offers security labels that comply with the directive as well as innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical and drugs sectors that meet FMD security requirements in every respect and guarantee patient safety.

FMD Labels
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