Windshield Label Solutions

Tamper-proof solutions based on security labels for windscreens and vignettes.

Field-tested, high-quality solutions for government agencies, authorities and the private sector: official vignettes, registration certificates, access permits and parking permits for optimal parking management.
Windshield Label

Vignettes or windshield labels are special security labels for windscreens, which must both have tamper-proof protection and be forgery-proof.

Windshield Labels are primarily used for the use of motorways and toll roads, for parking management and for access control. They are attached to the windscreen from the inside to ensure visibility and legibility from the outside of the vehicle at all times.

Annual Vignettes as an Alternative to the Parking Card

Windshield Labels are an ideal alternative to printed parking cards. For access control, individual annual vignettes are particularly suitable for large companies with their own parking garage or parking area, which allow their employees to park their vehicles in the company parking spaces. This saves you valuable time and resources.

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Customized Counterfeit Protection and Functionality

Windshield Labels for government agencies, cities and municipalities

Advast suisse offers reliable and counterfeit-proof solutions for government applications: registration certificates, official vignettes, access permits and parking permits in the form of tamper-proof windshield labels for government institutions, agencies or government-related organizations.

We produce vignettes and plaques in various designs and according to your individual requirements, for example with logo/crest and official data. In addition to vignettes, our portfolio also includes calibration marks, test plaques and security seals.

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Tailor-Made Solutions

We produce windshield labels and vignettes in a wide variety of designs. Depending on the requirements and security needs, our products can be provided with numerous security features of different levels, such as:

Thanks to the transfer protection (tamper-evident), the material is irreversibly destroyed if attempts are made to remove it.


To make counterfeiting impossible, advast suisse relies on optical security features such as OVDs (high security holograms), security die-cuts, special films, serialization, security inks (such as OptiSafe®) and other security features in the production of windshield labels.

Transmission Security (Tamper Proof)

Thanks to the transfer protection, the material is irreversibly destroyed if attempts are made to remove it. In the event of a manipulation attempt or when the label is removed, it is either destroyed by the integrated security die-cuts or the entire base material is torn apart.

Flexible Quantities

Our range includes various standard sizes and designs for windshield labels and vignettes. Our effective ready-to-use solutions are ideal for small runs of 100 pieces or more.

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