Oct 29
Cell Premium valuesafe label

cell premium introduces valuesafe®

advast suisse AG, the Swiss specialist in brand and counterfeit protection, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a framework agreement with one of the most exclusive and innovative Swiss cosmetics companies, cell premium by Dr. Gerny, for the supply and implementation of advast suisse’s brand authentication solution... read more →
Jun 11

swiss holographic solutions LLC becomes advast suisse Ltd.

swiss holographic solutions GmbH (LLC), founded in 2012, changed its legal status and name to the stock corporation ‘advast suisse AG’ (Ltd.) in June 2019. The acronym ‘advast’ is derived from ‘advanced security technologies’ and emphasizes the company’s core expertise: developing outstanding solutions and comprehensive security concepts for extremely high... read more →
Apr 28
Mitera valuesafe

MITERA trusts valuesafe®

MITERA (Greek for mother) is both the name and umbrella brand for one of the first companies in the world to produce extremely high-quality, single estate, cold-pressed olive oils. These exclusive oils are extracted from olive varieties which are thousands of years old. In January 2019, Mitera GmbH presented the... read more →