Jun 21
Chrome based Hot Stamping Foils for Security Applications

Chrome-Based Hot-Stamping Foils for License Plates

Our Chrome-Based Hot-Stamping Foils are designed to meet the highest quality and security standards for the application on license plates, these foils provide a sleek, mirror-like finish that exudes elegance and unmatched durability. Unmatched durability paired with the highest level of security Used across the globe, our Chrome-Based Hot-Stamping Foils... read more →
Apr 06
Brand Protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions

Risks of Illicit Trade in Counterfeits to SMEs (Study by EUIPO and OECD)

The recently conducted study by EUIPO and OECD reveals that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can suffer significant impacts due to the occurrence of counterfeiting. Nonetheless, a significant number of SMEs do not take assertive measures to safeguard their products and intellectual property rights. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are... read more →
Jan 01
Brand Protection Strategy

How to find the right Brand Protection Strategy?

How does a business create a brand protection strategy while counterfeiting expands at an astonishing rate? Global counterfeiting is at an all-time high. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) published a research on international trade and counterfeiting in 2019 that put the entire value of fake and piratical... read more →
Dec 16
Crypto Banknote / Paper Wallet

Smart Banknotes and «Paper Wallets»

The term "paper wallet" or "smart banknote" refers to a physical note that resembles a conventional banknote both visually and physically, but is used in contrast as a wallet for digital currencies. A smart banknote or paper wallet can be used like a classic banknote; however, the owner can redeem... read more →
Apr 15
Holographic Cold Foils

New in the product portfolio: Holographic cold foils

In addition to the proven holographic hot stamping foils, advast suisse now also offers holographic cold foils in the usual quality and various designs in its product portfolio. Advantages of cold foiling Cold foil application makes it possible to achieve cost-effective holographic effects and security features even for short runs.... read more →
Apr 12
Feb 26
Optrel panoramaxx quattro with hologram

OVD for Optrel welding helmets

Optrel is a pioneer in the field of automatically darkening welding helmets. Today Optrel is a leading global supplier of face and head protection products, breathing protection solutions and active sunglasses. The panoramaxx quattro welding helmet from Optrel was developed for use in heavy metal construction, where work is often... read more →
Jun 26
new advast suisse onlineshop

New advast suisse onlineshop

In our online shop you will find holographic security labels, security seals as well as securities forms and security paper of the highest quality. These products are license-free holograms and securities forms, which can also be ordered in smaller quantities. The products in the online shop were developed based on the needs of our customers and can also... read more →
Oct 29
Cell Premium valuesafe label

cell premium introduces valuesafe®

advast suisse AG, the Swiss specialist in brand and counterfeit protection, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a framework agreement with one of the most exclusive and innovative Swiss cosmetics companies, cell premium by Dr. Gerny, for the supply and implementation of advast suisse’s brand authentication solution... read more →
Jun 11

swiss holographic solutions LLC becomes advast suisse Ltd.

swiss holographic solutions GmbH (LLC), founded in 2012, changed its legal status and name to the stock corporation ‘advast suisse AG’ (Ltd.) in June 2019. The acronym ‘advast’ is derived from ‘advanced security technologies’ and emphasizes the company’s core expertise: developing outstanding solutions and comprehensive security concepts for extremely high... read more →