Wine & Spirits

Innovative Brand Protection Solutions for Wine & Spirits Industry by Advast Suisse.
Safeguard your products against counterfeiting, dilution, diversion, and refill challenges.

advast suisse supports winemakers and distillers with innovative solutions that provide comprehensive anti-counterfeiting protection as well as product traceability along the entire supply chain to the end consumer.

Solutions with added value for the beverage industry

Premium vodka bottle with valuesafe hologram

Dedicated solutions for wines and spirits

For winemakers and distillers advast suisse offers solutions to prevent counterfeiting, illegal refills and the distribution of products via parallel markets.

In close cooperation with our clients we develop sophisticated concepts for optical security features and serialization to protect your product and brand effectively and sustainably against counterfeiting and imitation.

Protection against counterfeiting and tampering

Security labels are primarily intended to protect the product from product piracy and can additionally ensure first opening protection.

The valuesafe® smart label technology developed by advast suisse combines physical security features with printed 2D codes for maximum counterfeit and gray market protection. So that seamless traceability within the entire production process also works in practice.

Authenticity verification by the consumer

ith the help of appropriate security measures, retailers and consumers can more easily distinguish and authenticate original products from counterfeit or manipulated items. Thanks to smart solutions like valuesafe®, even by smartphone and in real time.

Protect your brand’s products and image – with a counterfeit-proof security solution from advast suisse that is specifically tailored to your needs.

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Ultimate functionality and durability

advast suisse produces labels in strict compliance with statutory requirements. For labels and security seals on foodstuffs, wines and spirits as well as medicines, we use low-migration adhesives that still offer ultimate functionality and durability under extreme conditions.

Security solutions for physical product protection

We rely on a wide range of complex details and security features in combination for the design and technical implementation of security labels. The identification of these security features is subdivided into various levels: visible, hidden, or forensic.

In addition to optical security features in the form of holograms/OVDs, which protect the product and increase consumer confidence, we also use other security features such as optical variable inks (OVIs). advast suisse AG offers individual security solutions specifically customized to your particular requirements. Our specialists will produce a design without compromising your corporate identity.

Products & solutions for brand protection

Hologramm Swiss Made

Security holograms (OVDs)

Physical product protection in the form of self-adhesive security holograms (optical variable devices – OVDs) are a comparatively cost-effective, secure and efficient method of protecting your brand and products from competition. The integration of security features at different levels offers numerous options for implementation.

Holograms (OVD)
Security Hologram

Hologram seals/tamper-evident seals

Hologram seals combine counterfeit protection and a tamper-evident guarantee in one. Any attempt to remove the seal will leave behind a remnant, and the hologram seal is irreversibly destroyed. The integrated transfer protection thus offers reliable protection against manipulation.

tamper-evident labels
valuesafe scan label

Product authentication with valuesafe®

valuesafe® smart label technology from advast suisse allows your consumers to check the authenticity of products in seconds. Any time, anywhere in the world. No app, no Bluetooth, no NFC or other software required. Thanks to geotracking, brand owners gain valuable information and insights, with the scans logged and saved in a database.

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Counterfeit protection with valuesafe®

Product authentication, counterfeit protection and traceability – with valuesafe®, you get all this from a single source. valuesafe® smart label technology from advast suisse allows consumers and sales partners to check the authenticity of products in seconds. No app, no Bluetooth, no NFC or other software required.

Thanks to geotracking, brand owners gain valuable information and insights: Where and when was which product bought and checked? Where are suspect products appearing? Scans are logged and saved in a database.

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