Holographic Features

An extensive range of functional security features and attractive visual effects offers unique opportunities for creative and counterfeit-proof designs.
Nanocrypt OVD Security Features

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Countless possible combinations

Counterfeit-proof optical features that are visually striking and at the same time offer maximum security enable countless functional and visually appealing design options. In addition, by combining security features of different levels, counterfeit protection can be significantly increased.

While some features are purely security elements, others can be used as visual effects. The real art lies in combining and customizing the individual features to create optimal counterfeit protection and a visually appealing design.

The effects and security features below are created using high-resolution electron beam lithography (E-Beam), which is superior to the widely used dot-matrix technology, so the individual features cannot be simulated or replicated.

Nanocrypt® is another technology and corresponds to the latest generation with unique features and possibilities. More details about the possibilities and the individual Nanocrypt® features can be found directly on the Nanocrypt® overview page.

Nanocrypt® Features

Special Holographic Features and Optical Effects

valuesafe hologram label with layers

Smartlabel Features and Add-Ons

Advast suisse offers a whole range of smart label features and add-ons for security labels. These additional elements can be used in combination or individually and offer further possibilities for optical enhancements, personalization, serialization and track & trace. Learn more about the possibilities of smartlabel features and add-ons for security labels.

Smartlabel Features and Add-Ons

Enhanced Hologram Effect and Security Features

Unique Features thanks to Nanocrypt® Technology

Highly sophisticated security features and nanostructures with up to 640,000 dpi resolution can be realized with Nanocrypt® origination technology. These features cannot be simulated or represented by conventional techniques (analog as well as digital origination techniques such as dot-matrix). Nanocrypt® offers unique features and possibilities. Learn more about the unique Nanocrypt® Holographic Features.

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Nanocrypt High Security OVD
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