High-security Holograms (OVDs)

The next generation of OVDs (optically variable device) – Nanocrypt® technology offers unique optical features and high-level security features in the nano spectrum.

The Nanocrypt® is one of the most secure and technologically advanced nano-optical imaging systems. With resolutions up to 640,000 dpi and tolerances within 2 nm (nanometers), nano-structures and anti-counterfeiting security features can be achieved which cannot be reproduced and can therefore legitimately be termed 100% counterfeit-proof.

Application areas for Nanocrypt®

Nanocrypt protected security hologram

Cutting edge counterfeit protection at banknote level for the high-security sector

Nanocrypt® is a fourth generation OVD (optically variable device). The sophisticated security features that can be achieved with Nanocrypt® technology cannot be simulated or reproduced using conventional techniques (analog or digital production technologies such as dot-matrix imaging). Forensic and machine-readable elements and structures are possible in addition to the visible security features.

Holograms with Nanocrypt® technology are primarily used in high-security applications such as documents, identity cards, bank notes and bonds.

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Nanocrypt® holograms for labels and hot stamping foils

Nanocrypt® mastershims can be used both to produce security holograms in the form of self-adhesive labels and to process holographic stamping films further.

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Nanocrypt High Security OVD

Nanocrypt® – the details

The Nanocrypt® technique of producing holograms (OVDs) is based on electron-beam lithography. Computer-aided control and a resolution of up to 640,000 dpi allow unique nano-structures and optical 3D microstructures such as optical lenses or nano-text to be produced in sizes of 300 nm (nanometers).

Nanocrypt® technology allows forensic security features to be achieved in the nano range which can be authenticated with the aid of digital or laser microscopes.

Nanocrypt Messung

Nanocrypt® is a registered, protected trademark of advast suisse AG.

Unique Optical Effects and Security Features

Nanocrypt® Features

Nanocrypt® High Security and Forensic Features

valuesafe hologram label with layers

Smartlabel Features and Add-Ons

Advast suisse offers a whole range of smart label features and add-ons for security labels. These additional elements can be used in combination or individually and offer further possibilities for optical enhancements, personalization, serialization and track & trace. Learn more about the possibilities of smartlabel features and add-ons for security labels.

Smartlabel Features and Add-Ons

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