Tamper-Evident Labels (Safety Seals)

Anti-counterfeit and tamper-proof security seals/tamper-evident labels for sealing packages, housings, containers, cabinets and doors.

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Security seals or tamper-evident labels help prevent unauthorized opening of technical devices, boxes, packaging or doors and provide efficient protection against tampering.

Anti-counterfeit and tamper-proof security seals

Adhesive seals provide efficient protection against tampering as well as evidence of tampering. We manufacture adhesive seals/tamper-evident labels in a range of designs: as full-transfer (FT), non-transfer (NT), fragmenting film (ultra-destructible/fragile) or as hologram seals on holographic base layers.

Depending on customer requirements, we offer standard products in a range of dimensions and designs as well as customized solutions where optical security features such as holograms/OVDs or security inks are used to meet increased protection requirements.

We will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the best solution.

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Tamper-evident labels for universal use

Security seals have applications across every industry: they are used wherever containers, housings or boxes require a verifiable, tamper-proof seal. Thanks to transfer-proofing, these labels destroy themselves when an attempt is made to remove them and therefore cannot be reused.

In the pharmaceutical and drugs sectors, we offer security labels which comply with FMD requirements. Coded security labels with consecutive numbering can also be used to monitor products by means of a track-and-trace system as they travel down the supply chain.

advast suisse AG produces tamper-proof security seals and safety seals for the following application areas and uses:

  • Tamper-proof protection to guarantee customer and patient security
  • Securing packages against tampering and access (EU regulation 2015-1998, “Known consignor”)
  • Closure or guarantee seal for cartons, packaging, devices and housings
  • Official seals for police, probate registry and authorities
  • Door seals for sealing doors, cabinets, and drawers
  • Reliable protection wherever tampering needs to be made obviously and irreversibly visible

Reliable transfer-proofing

Tamper Evident Security Labels

Transfer-proofing of tamper-evident labels

Our security seals are characterized by great durability and provide permanent protection both indoors and outdoors.

Irrespective of the type of transfer-proofing, these labels cannot be reused. Depending on the area of application and requirement, security seals can be implemented that leave unique lettering behind or that are equipped with other security features such as OVD/holograms or security inks.

VOID Security Label

Different types of tamper-proofing

Non-transfer seals can be removed without leaving a residue: the security seal is destroyed but no traces of adhesive are left behind.

Any attempt to remove a full-transfer security seal – if the seal is partially or completely removed – results in it being partially destroyed, leaving behind a remnant in the form of lettering (e.g. “VOID”, “OPEN”) or a pattern such as honeycomb on the subsurface. This irreversibly destroys the security seal.

Ultra-destructible or fragmenting film security seals consist of a cast PVC fragmenting film. These security labels fragment when they are removed; the material self-destructs into small individual components when it is peeled off.

We will be happy to discuss different materials and applications in person.

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Public sector solutions

Official security seals for governments and authorities

As a company with many years of experience in this sector, advast suisse AG regularly produces security seals for governments and authorities throughout the world as well as for towns, communities and cantons in Switzerland.

We produce official seals such as closure seals and door seals (police seals) for marking and sealing crime scenes and premises for the police, probate registries, notary’s offices, and public bodies. We will be happy to advise you on the various possibilities.

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Great durability

The materials we use are characterized by excellent resistance and durability. In addition to this, our security seals are suitable for laser, inkjet and thermal transfer printing.

Flexible volumes and many different designs

We offer solutions for small runs starting at 500 units. Our range includes numerous standard formats and designs that can be personalized. In order to ensure maximum counterfeiting protection, we can create security seals with multiple security features such as holograms, bar codes, UV numbering, and other security components.

For all surfaces

Paper, cardboard, steel, anodized aluminum, metal, wood, plastic: no matter what the surface, we will find the right combination of materials for your application to ensure that the security seal stays fixed, providing a tamper-proof seal.

Ultimate functionality and durability

advast suisse produces labels in strict compliance with statutory requirements. For labels and security seals on foodstuffs, wines and spirits as well as medicines, we use low-migration adhesives that still offer ultimate functionality and durability under extreme conditions.

Transfer-proofing and durability

Any attempt to remove the label (i.e. when the seal is partially or completely removed) results in it being partially destroyed, leaving behind a remnant in the form of lettering (e.g. “VOID”, “OPEN”) or a pattern such as checkerboard or honeycomb on the subsurface. This irreversibly destroys the security seal. This transfer-proofing completely prevents re-usage. It is also impossible to smooth out this type of seal without detection.

Use of security features

In order to ensure maximum counterfeiting protection, our security seals can be produced with multiple security features such as OVDs (holograms), security inks (OVIs), bar codes, UV numbering, and other security components.

Optimum durability and reliable sealing

We offer the right solution for a range of application requirements. For optimum durability and reliable sealing of security seals applied to cardboard, plastic or metal, we individually adapt the special glue, base materials, and other elements to the specific application.

Security seals with smart label technology

valuesafe hologram label with layers

Tamper-proofing combined with track and trace

Pioneering valuesafe® smart label technology from advast suisse combines the physical security features of holograms and security labels with printed codes for maximum protection against counterfeiting and gray market misuse.

Space-saving integration of variable data is achieved by overprinting directly on to the label. This can include individual identification numbers, machine-readable data matrix codes, or integration of valuesafe®.

In addition to tamper-proof sealing, this means the products can also be traced to the end user.

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Ordering tamper-evident labels online

Visit our online shop for holographic labels and security labels. These products are license-free and can also be ordered in smaller quantities. The products in the online shop were developed based on the needs of our customers and can also be ordered with individual imprints.

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