Technical expertise and personal consultancy when planning and executing complex projects requiring comprehensive security concepts for extremely high counterfeit protection.

You can trust our technical expertise and personal advice. advast suisse AG specialists will be with you at every stage, from concept development, through implementation, to the market launch of your solution, and beyond.

Technical expertise and personal consultancy: from concept development, through implementation, to market launch.

Current changes in dynamic market environments necessitate constant adjustments to existing strategies. Our experience of analyzing acquired market data allows us to produce concrete recommendations based on this information and to provide our customers with advice and practical support.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes the planning and execution of the complex projects typically needed to meet the security requirements of extremely high counterfeit protection. advast suisse AG is one of the leading companies in this sector and covers all eventualities.

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Strategic consultancy

Strategic consultancy provides the building blocks for all subsequent actions. The advast suisse AG team supports you in areas such as track and trace, counterfeit protection, and gray market protection, working with you at every stage of the process.

We develop successful concepts and strategies in the field of product-based digitalization to digitally connect physical products with the associated product authentication and customer interaction.

Holistic brand protection projects

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The decision to protect a product or a brand with the necessary long-term measures is a strategic decision resulting from risk analysis and is usually taken by senior management. A brand protection project can therefore have a gestation period of several months as elements such as design, material, production techniques, and implementation of the security product have to be taken into consideration as well as the individual security features themselves. The first priority is a careful analysis of the customer’s specific requirements.

The full potential of security solutions can therefore only be exploited if products, processing, and processes are optimally synchronized.

Brand protection from A to Z

Starting with advice based on experience and tailored analysis, through production, to implementation, advast suisse AG is your expert partner at every stage. Experience gained from the areas of applied technology and graphic design as well as the synergies resulting from the close collaboration between every area of our business is a major benefit to us.

advast suisse creates practical solutions for product and brand protection using its comprehensive knowledge of security technologies and many years of experience involving vast numbers of completed projects. You can rely on our expertise.

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Tailored solutions

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What drives our business is the often complex requirements of our customers, who expect secure and high-quality solutions. All customers have their own requirements for security features and the specific characteristics they should have; advast suisse works with you to find the right solution that corresponds exactly to your budget and expectations.

We create a tailored concept for each and every one of our customers. Individual, creative, clever solutions and designs, tailored to the specific application area. We provide you with advice on security paper, security printed material, and the design and integration of security features.

Our customers’ ideas and requirements are incorporated during the design process. This is all built on a strong awareness of quality as well as our expertise in merging design elements, safety features, and aesthetic components.

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