Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

Holographic stamping foils for single images and repeat/running motifs. For use on documents, security printed materials and plastic cards.

Prägefolie Hologramm

Holograms/OVDs aren’t just for self-adhesive labels, they can also be manufactured as holographic hot stamping foils or cold foils. OVDs produced as hot stamping foils offer a wide range of options for further processing. Depending on the printing stock, materials and your individual production specifications, we determine the best approach for producing the optimal foil for your application, whether on paper or plastic card.

Our hot stamping holographic foils can be applied to a multitude of substrates and once applied the foil becomes part of the product, so it is impossible to remove the hologram without damaging the foil.

From decorative to high security

advast suisse produces holographic stamping foils for decorative use on packaging and printed materials and for security labels – counterfeit-proof security features to banknote standard for applications for protecting products, brands and documents as well as securities, identity documents and official documents, or for application on PVC cards.

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Counterfeit protection at banknote level

Hologram Label BSV Benedict

Optical security features in the form of holograms/OVDs protect and enhance the product and increase confidence in users and consumers. Along with individual security solutions specially prepared to customer specifications, we also offer a wide range of standard designs.

We combine a wide range of complex details and security holograms in the design and technical implementation of security labels.

Security holograms with innovative Nanocrypt® technology from advast suisse contain security features to banknote standard that guarantee complete counterfeit protection.

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Single image and repeating motifs

We produce holographic stamping foils with single or repeating motifs (wallpaper or running designs). Single-image holograms are produced with machine-readable markings to enable economically, rapidly, and precisely stamping.

Holograms/OVDs with repeating motifs are particularly suited to applications in which the hologram motif does not always have to be in the same position. That includes printed materials with bleed-edge hologram stripes.

Perfect for large runs

Holographic hot stamping foils are particularly suited to large runs. They are usually applied directly in the printworks or in a qualified further processing plant using an embossing die.

Ideal for forms

Holographic stamping foils are particularly suited to certificates, deeds and permits that are available as forms and then have to be personalized. The issuer thus has blank forms with the stamped hologram at hand that can subsequently be quickly and efficiently printed using an inkjet or laser printer.

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