Hologram/OVD Labels

Self-adhesive hologram labels (OVD labels) for manual or machine application. For counterfeit protection, security seal or optical enhancement.

Holograms/OVDs in the form of self-adhesive labels represent the perfect solution for applying holograms to products of all types and conditions.
Premium vodka bottle with valuesafe hologram

From decorative hologram labels to high-security solutions

advast suisse produces hologram labels for decorative use on packaging and printed materials and for security labels – counterfeit-proof security features to banknote standard for protecting products, brands and documents.

Security solutions for physical product protection

Optical security features in the form of holograms/OVDs protect your product and increase consumer confidence. We offer individual security solutions specifically customized to your requirements. Our specialists will produce a design without compromising your corporate identity.

We combine a wide range of complex details and security features in the design and technical implementation of security holograms.

Security holograms with innovative advast suisse Nanocrypt® technology contain security features to banknote standard that guarantee complete protection.

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Great durability

Our hologram labels stand out for their exceptional durability. Our labels can also be used in laser or inkjet printers, retaining their sheen and hologram effect even at high temperatures.

Flexible volumes

We offer solutions for small runs starting at 500 units. Our range includes numerous standard motifs that can be personalized.

For all surfaces

Paper, cardboard, steel, anodized aluminum, metal, wood, plastic: no matter what the surface, we will find the right combination of materials for your application to ensure that the hologram label stays fixed.

Enhancement and functionality

Holograms are not just used for optical security features, but also for optical enhancement. In advertising and promotions, these decorative elements attract attention, arouse curiosity and communicate value and authenticity.

From a simple hologram label to the conception and execution of complex projects with extensive security concepts for the utmost protection against counterfeiting, we would be happy to offer you support and advice.

Concept & Design
Hologramm Maserati

Holographic security seals

valuesafe hologram

Hologram seals – the ideal combination of tamper-proofing and brand protection

Hologram seals are primarily found in packaging for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foodstuffs. Consumers expect intact packaging with a guarantee that the product hasn’t been opened and the contents are in perfect order.

As well as tamper-proof protection, hologram seals offer the benefit of optical enhancement, arousing curiosity while communicating value and authenticity.

advast suisse supplies manufacturers in the high-tech sector who need to seal sensitive components and casings with counterfeit-proof hologram seals. When producing seals, we take the application into account to ensure that the seal will always remain fixed whether it’s applied to steel, aluminum, metal or plastic.

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Utmost functionality and durability

advast suisse produces labels in strict compliance with statutory requirements. For hologram labels on foodstuffs, wines and spirits as well as medicines, we use low-migration adhesives that still offer utmost functionality and durability under extreme conditions.

Transfer-proofing and durability

Any attempt to remove the label (i.e. when the hologram seal is partially or completely removed) results in it being partially destroyed, leaving behind a remnant in the form of lettering (e.g. “VOID”, “OPEN”) or a pattern in the subsurface such as checkerboard or honeycomb. This irreversibly destroys the hologram seal. This transfer-proofing completely prevents re-usage. It is also impossible to smooth out this type of seal without detection.

Optimal durability and sealing

We offer the right solution for a range of application requirements. For optimal durability and the reliable sealing of hologram seals applied to cardboard, plastic or metal, we individually adapt the special glue, foils and other elements to the specific application.

Produced to your specifications

Depending on your requirements, we can produce and assemble hologram labels in rolls or sheets for manual or machine application. If required, we can work with partners to apply hologram labels directly to your printed materials – greater efficiency, less time. Paper, cardboard, steel, anodized aluminum, metal, wood, plastic: no matter what the surface, we will find the right combination of materials for your application to ensure that the hologram label stays fixed.

Hologram labels as smart labels

valuesafe hologram label with layers

Consumer authentication

Pioneering valuesafe® smart label technology from advast suisse combines the physical security features of holograms with printed 2D codes for maximum protection against counterfeiting and gray market misuse. This ensures that the seamless traceability throughout the entire production process continues once the product is distributed.

Track & trace and serialization

Space-saving integration of variable data via laser or overprint directly on to the hologram label. This can include individual identification numbers, machine-readable data matrix codes or integration of valuesafe®.

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Ordering generic hologram labels online

Visit our online shop for holographic labels and security labels. These products are license-free and can also be ordered in smaller quantities. The products in the online shop were developed based on the needs of our customers and can also be ordered with individual imprints.

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