Smartlabel Features and Add-Ons

Lear more about our security features and optical effects. An extensive range of functional security features and impressive optical effects offers unique opportunities for creative and counterfeit-proof designs.
valuesafe hologram label with layers

Add-Ons and enhancements for Security Labels

Advast suisse offers a whole range of smart label features and add-ons for security labels. These additional elements can be used in combination or individually and offer further possibilities for optical enhancements, personalization, serialization and track & trace. Learn more about the possibilities of smartlabel features and add-ons for security labels.

Add-Ons and Smartlabel Features

Add-Ons and Smartlabel Features such as Taggants, NFC, RFID, and Demetallization offer a blend of covert security, interactive elements, and robust anti-counterfeiting measures. Taggants provide hidden markers detectable only via special readers, enhancing covert security. NFC and RFID technologies allow real-time tracking and interactive consumer experiences, enriching product value. Demetallization, through making parts of a hologram transparent, adds an extra layer of security to holographic labels. Together, these advanced features create a smart label that ensures product integrity while enhancing user engagement and brand protection.

Printed Security Features and Add-Ons

Printed Security Features and Add-Ons such as Image Authentication, Guilloches, Serialization, and QR and Data Matrix Codes elevate product security and enhance user interaction. Image Authentication enables verification of product authenticity through a smartphone, enhancing consumer confidence. Guilloches, intricate patterns used in security printing, provide a deterrent to counterfeiting. Serialization assigns a unique identity to each product, ensuring traceability. QR and Data Matrix Codes provide a gateway to digital interactions, driving customer engagement while offering additional product information. Collectively, these features ensure a secure, interactive, and traceable product journey.

Security Inks and Special Inks

Security and special inks offer an added layer of protection and verification to your labels and documents. They can provide visible or invisible security features that are challenging to replicate, thus ensuring the authenticity and integrity of your products. From Thermochromic Ink, which changes color with temperature fluctuations, ensuring goods are maintained under correct conditions, to Optically Variable Ink (OVI), that alters color when viewed from different angles, these inks enhance your brand protection strategy. Use our security inks to safeguard against counterfeiting and ensure consumer trust in your products.

Tamper Evidence and Substrates

Security seals or tamper-evident labels help prevent unauthorized opening of technical devices, boxes, packaging or doors and provide efficient protection against tampering. Tamper proof labels cannot be reused. Depending on the area of application and requirement, security labels can be implemented that leave unique lettering behind or can be combined with other security features such as OVD/holograms or security inks.

Diffractive Security Elements

Sophisticated security features that can be achieved with Nanocrypt® technology cannot be simulated or reproduced using conventional techniques. Forensic and machine-readable elements and structures are possible in addition to the visible security features. Choose from a wide range of functional and attractive security features to protect your products and brand from counterfeiting.
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