Holographic Cold Foils

Cold foil application makes it possible to achieve cost-effective holographic effects and security features.

Paper Label with holographic security foil

Cold foil application for anti-counterfeit

Cold foiling is a fast and cost-effective on-press process for applying foil to a variety of substrates —sometimes referred to as foil printing or cold foil application. In the process, the holographic cold foil is applied to an adhesive image using a standard printing plate. The way it works is as clever as it is simple: The foil is affixed to the printed adhesive –the foil material that does not adhere to the adhesive remains on a thin polyester liner.

Advantages and basics of cold foiling

Cold foil application makes it possible to achieve cost-effective holographic effects and security features even for short runs. In comparison to the hot stamping process, initial costs for stamping dies and additional embossing are eliminated. Further cold foil stamping does not lead to any deformation of the substrate – embossed counterfeit-proof security features such as nanotext and microtext remain visible and can be authenticated.

Once printed, the surface of cold foil images is often varnished to provide a durable surface. advast suisse’ holographic cold foils can be applied to a multitude of substrates and once applied the foil becomes part of the product, so it is impossible to remove the hologram without damaging the foil.

Tailored solutions

What drives our business is the often complex requirements of our customers, who expect secure and high-quality solutions. All customers have their own requirements for security features and the specific characteristics they should have; advast suisse works with you to find the right solution that corresponds exactly to your budget and expectations.

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Counterfeit protection at banknote level

Nanocrypt protected security OVD

Optical security features in the form of holograms/OVDs protect and enhance the product and increase confidence in users and consumers. Along with individual security solutions specially prepared to customer specifications, we also offer a wide range of standard designs.

We combine a wide range of complex details and security holograms in the design and technical implementation. Security holograms with innovative Nanocrypt® technology from advast suisse contain security features to banknote standard that guarantee complete counterfeit protection.

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