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Swiss Competence in Brand Protection and Security Solutions.

advast suisse AG is your expert partner for holistic solutions in the field of brand protection, product authentication, counterfeit protection, and tamper-proof sealing. We provide forgery-proof cutting-edge brand- and counterfeit protection solutions.

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advast suisse AG is always by your side, offering full-service solutions in accordance with international quality and security standards – from advice based on experience and analysis tailored to the customer, via production through to implementation.

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Our broad portfolio of services includes the planning and execution of the complex projects typically needed to meet the security requirements of extremely high counterfeit protection. advast suisse AG is one of the leading companies in this sector and covers all eventualities.

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About us

advast suisse AG (Ltd.) is a privately-owned Swiss company that specializes in brand and counterfeit protection, exporting its services to over 32 countries. The company’s core expertise lies in the development and implementation of tamper-proof and customer-specific solutions with the aim of achieving 100% counterfeit protection through innovative security technologies and comprehensive security concepts.

This is based to a significant degree on the combination and use of different technologies and processes. As specialists in this field, we offer a reputable and expansive consultancy service as well as complete project management if required.

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Swiss expertise for solutions in the field of counterfeit protection and tamper-proof sealing.

The conception, creation, and production of tamper-proof printed material, optical security features, and security labels requires special technical equipment and a high degree of know-how and experience.

All processes are subject to strict security standards and are extremely demanding at all levels to ensure maximum quality and complete security. However, it is not just a question of quality – above all, it is about trust.

You can rely on us and trust us as an expert partner in this field. With advast suisse, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Services

Company history

Founded in 2007 by Riccardo Midolo as HoloSolutions Switzerland, the company specialized primarily in the design and implementation of holographic solutions. swiss holographic solutions GmbH (LLC) was founded in 2012 with both its headquarters and production facilities in Zurich.

Inspired by the potential of holographic science, the company has risen to today’s challenges and driven specific anti-counterfeiting and authentication solutions forward using nano-optical structures and color-changing materials researched and developed in-house.

Over time, we have expanded our scope, from the production of predominantly OVD-based products to a broad portfolio of security offers and solutions, which are essentially based on innovative applications in the fields of optics, materials, and computer science.

The company became a privately owned stock corporation in 2019 and now operates under the new name ‘advast suisse AG’. The acronym ‘advast’ is derived from ‘advanced security technologies’ and emphasizes the company’s core expertise: developing outstanding solutions and holistic security concepts for extremely high counterfeit protection through innovative security technologies.

Our values

Employees & Partners

Our dedicated and motivated team comprises specialists, experts, and qualified partners working as an interdisciplinary team, perfectly coordinated when implementing top-quality solutions for complex demands. We are organized on a partnership basis and cover every area of expertise under one roof in our role as generalists. Regional roots, national expertise, international networks – these are the foundations of our success and the basis of our performance.


Professional service and advice, transparent costing, partnership-based customer relations, and individual solutions tailored to customer requirements – for us, these are the building blocks of a trustworthy, responsible, partnership-based collaboration. Markets are in a constant state of flux. Not only do we keep pace with our complex environment, we take a proactive, innovative and customer-oriented approach to the way we do business and develop our products.

Ethics & Trust

Producing security features and security documents undoubtedly involves a great deal of trust. Our business is built on the trust our customers and partners have in us. This trust, and our constant focus on quality, combined with many years of expertise, are our most valuable assets – and we prove this on a daily basis.

Quality & Innovation

We are constantly investing in keeping technology up-to-date, which in turn keeps us manufacturing to the very highest standards. Our customers and partners rightly expect a high and consistent level of quality. We concentrate on our strengths and focus our business on our customers and their requirements.


All employees, partners, suppliers, and processors, in other words, everyone involved in our processes, are subject to a contractual obligation of strict confidentiality.


The guiding principle for advast suisse AG is that an original item should never be replicated. We therefore never recreate existing holograms and we adhere strictly to existing copyrights, working exclusively with qualified and certified partners who of course also strictly comply with all safety and quality requirements.

Declaration of conformity on conflict materials

Together with our suppliers and partners, we aim for the most accurate traceability possible of the provenance of the materials used in our products and brands in order to ensure we are not using minerals originating from conflict zones. Our suppliers provide us with written declarations that the materials and resources used do not contain any conflict metals mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo or their neighboring states.

Do you have any questions for us? We will be happy to advise you.