Concept & Design

Conception and implementation of counterfeit-proof printed materials, hologram designs and security labels. We create customer-specific design concepts that incorporate security features tailored to the customer’s requirements.

The conception and design form the foundation, as many of the security features, which are integrated into the printing and production process, are devised and graphically executed at this early stage.

Conception, design and implementation of designs

As well as applying various innovative security technologies, we can also significantly increase the security level and the optical effect through the use of refined design components. The key elements here are security, functionality and exclusivity. The intended aim of the design is to evoke an emotional response and maximize the perceived value of the end product.

Implementation of security concepts

The challenge is to implement a targeted, compliant security concept with the right combination of security features and materials. For comprehensive counterfeit protection, you need innovative security features in perfect combination with a well-considered design that integrates complex details, as well as impeccable execution taking into account the various printing and production processes.

For hot-stamped holograms, optically variable security inks, security paper with watermarks, machine-readable elements and forensic security features – advast suisse offers you an extensive range, expert advice and the know-how you need to marshal all these elements into an effective design.

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Unique hologram designs

Nanocrypt High Security Hologram

We produce holograms, also known as OVDs (optical variable devices) both for packaging and printed materials, and as highly secure optical security features at the banknote standard, to provide counterfeit protection for products and security documents. OVDs are available in a range of security levels, depending on the application.

Security holograms

For the conception and technical implementation of high security holograms using Nanocrypt® technology, we integrate a wide range of complex details and hologram security features. The identification of these security features is subdivided into various levels: overt, covert, or forensic.

Refinement and functionality

As well as counterfeit-proof security features, holograms can also be used as eye-catching details or a form of optical refinement. In advertising and promotions these decorative elements attract attention, arouse curiosity and communicate value and authenticity.

Packaging with a striking hologram conveys premium quality, creating a positive contrast with the competition. The design of the hologram is all-important here.

From the design of a simple hologram or diffraction pattern to the conception and execution of complex projects with extensive security concepts for maximum protection against counterfeiting, we will be happy to offer you support and advice.

Holograms (OVD)

Effective protection for security printed materials

Documents and printed materials that require protection, including securities, certificates, diplomas and deeds, are subject to ever-increasing security requirements. At the same time, counterfeit attempts are becoming more technically sophisticated. To provide effective counterfeit protection for security documents, we constantly research and develop new security features, such as the iridescent OptiSafe® security feature and high-resolution security holograms based on Nanocrypt®.

Combining security features

Documents and printed materials can be protected by a wide range of elements. Browse our extensive palette of security features and select the ones that fit your marketing goals and brand identity.

The advast suisse specialists will bring the different elements together to form an effective whole. Effective also means that security features can be identified according to different levels: overt, covert or forensic. And there are even security elements that can’t readily be identified as such, which presents a further hurdle for counterfeiters.

Combined print and production process

Combined print processes provide even more security while offering a wealth of design options. Elements like security papers and optical security features such as OptiSafe® and OVDs (holograms) offer outstanding results in the battle against counterfeit and copied documents, and lend the printed product a high aesthetic value.

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Individual design applications

Diplom Sicherheitspapier

We incorporate our customers’ ideas and requirements during the design process. That’s because every one of our customers has different security feature requirements, and specific variations. This is all built on a strong awareness of quality as well as our expertise in merging design elements, safety features, and aesthetic components.

The advast suisse team can put together customer-specific design concepts and create security printed materials such as:

  • Share certificates and securities (value-transfer documents)
  • Security documents for governments and public authorities
  • Identification documents and member identification
  • Parking and other official permits
  • Vouchers, receipts, tickets
  • Certificates and diplomas
  • Entry tickets

With our know-how we bring text, images and design elements together to form a harmonic whole – incorporating diverse security features tailored to the customer’s requirements. The combination of creativity, technical refinement and cutting-edge technology enables us to develop individual solutions to the highest quality and security standards.

Design and layout implementation

With our internal digital pre-press process we can quickly and easily create designs and layouts. We use special tools and software for creating security printed materials and hologram designs.

The specialist team from advast suisse are always ready to answer your design questions.

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