FMD-compliant Pharma Labels

Anti-counterfeiting and FMD-compliant security labels for pharmaceutical products. Solutions for tamper-proof protection, tamper evidence, and track and trace.

FMD-compliant security labels

The European Parliament’s directive 2011/62/EU (FMD – Falsified Medicines Directive) stipulates that each individual product must have both a serial number and a feature that provides tamper evidence.

advast suisse offers security labels that comply with the directive as well as innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical and drugs sectors that meet FMD security requirements in every respect and guarantee patient safety.

Tamper-proof protection and tamper evidence

Security labels are an economical and easy-to-implement solution that allows drugs manufacturers to comply with the tamper-proof security required by the anti-counterfeiting directive without having to change existing packaging or dispose of packaging already in stock.

Our security labels have an adhesive that has been specially formulated for drugs labels, leaving behind irreversible and visible changes to the packaging or security label if an attempt is made to open the packaging. Opening or tampering with the packaging is immediately obvious.

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Track & trace and serialization

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Regulatory requirements in various countries demand special packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry to ensure product and brand protection as well as traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

Tracking, counterfeiting protection, and tamper-proof protection

Our pioneering smart label technology valuesafe® combines physical security features with printed 2D codes for maximum counterfeiting protection and gray market protection.

Integrating product serialization allows variable data to be printed directly on the security label. valuesafe® provides each individual security label with its own identity in the form of a Unique Product Identity (UID). The combination of valuesafe® and the latest generation of security labels from advast suisse gives you a solution that complies with FMD security requirements in every respect while allowing your customers to check the authenticity of the drugs themselves in seconds.

Patient authentication

Suitable security measures allow distributors and patients alike to easily authenticate original drugs and distinguish them from counterfeit or tampered drugs in real time using just a smartphone, thanks to smart solutions like valuesafe®.

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The authentication process with valuesafe®

The user is intuitively guided through the online checking process. The online real-time check has three simple steps:

Code verification

Real-time check by scanning the QR code or entering the code manually at

Visual check

Check of the optical security feature and the integrity of the seal. This is important if the valuesafe® label is also to provide guaranteed tamper-proof protection.


Confirmation of the authenticity or integrity, or notification of suspect and/or tampered products. Other information on the product can also be displayed as an option.

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Security solutions for physical product protection

We rely on a wide range of complex details and security features in combination for the design and technical implementation of security labels. The identification of these security features is subdivided into various levels: visible, hidden, or forensic.

In addition to optical security features in the form of holograms/OVD, which protect the product and increase consumer confidence, we also use other security features such as optical variable inks (OVI). advast suisse AG offers individual security solutions specifically customized to your particular requirements. Our specialists produce the design without compromising your corporate identity in any way.

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