OptiSafe® Security Ink

Introducing the new generation of optical security features based on interference pigments.

OptiSafe Security Ink OVI

OptiSafe® from advast suisse is an iridescent security feature based on interference pigments. These optically variable colors have no definite color of their own, as they change depending on the angle of vision. This explains the term “color-shifting”.

The OptiSafe® security feature is created through a silk-screen process. It can be applied in a range of base colors, and the brilliant shifting colors of the OptiSafe® security features are not just attractive to the eye, they also offer outstanding protection against counterfeiting and copying.

Iridescent security features and inks are primarily used for secure printing – banknotes, share certificates, official papers and other security documents.

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OptiSafe® is a registered, protected trademark of advast suisse AG (Ltd.)

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