Case Study: cell premium introduces valuesafe®

valuesafe® will be introduced in combination with counterfeit-proof, tamper-evident labels from advast suisse for selected cell premium product lines.


The luxury brand cell premium by Dr. Gerny is one of the most exclusive and innovative Swiss cosmetics companies. cell premium came onto the market in 2007 and is the first Swiss luxury line to use plant-based stem cells. cell premium set new standards with the launch of its “No1 Cream”. The refined cream – the most expensive in the world – is part of the Swiss cosmetic brand’s cell premium luxury skincare range.

With global demand for cell premium products, a wide-reaching sales network has been set up. For exports, there are numerous customs requirements to fulfill before launching and selling the brand in the different markets. This includes tamper-proof packaging seals, use of security features to prevent counterfeiting, and serialization of every individual product.

cell premium entrusted the specialists at advast suisse to find the optimal solution for these challenges.


cell premium presented advast suisse with the following requirements:

  • Tamper-proof security seal to guarantee that the product hasn’t already been opened
  • Protection against counterfeiting in the form of a counterfeit-proof, visually appealing OVD (security hologram)
  • Serialization of every individual product
  • Track & trace with mapping to customer’s own ERP system
  • Possibility of detecting and combating gray market activities
  • Product authentication (worldwide, real time) by the end consumer
  • Cell Premium with valuesafe security label
  • Cell Premium with valuesafe security label
  • Cell Premium with valuesafe security label
  • Cell Premium with valuesafe security label


Following thorough analysis and preparation, cell premium decided to introduce valuesafe® in combination with counterfeit-proof, tamper-evident seals from advast suisse for selected product lines.

valuesafe® is an authentication solution that allows end consumers themselves to check the authenticity of products in just a few seconds using a smartphone. No app, no Bluetooth, no NFC or other software required.

Each security label has its own individual serial number, unique throughout the world. This means that each package has a unique ID, guaranteeing the authenticity and traceability of every product.

By using valuesafe®, cell premium is tackling multiple challenges at once. Using its own security labels, it provides guaranteed protection against counterfeiting, tampering and manipulation. What’s more, end consumers can scan valuesafe® codes to authenticate their purchase, which not only ensures product security, it also enables direct communication with the consumer.

The specialists at WI data GmbH worked in close collaboration with cell premium and advast suisse to integrate valuesafe® completely into SAP Business One. The logistical steps were also streamlined for more efficient, error-free work. Logistics personnel can capture valuesafe® labels using hand-held scanners and assign them directly to the relevant orders and products in their ERP system. WI data has developed a dedicated mobile application for this which enables valuesafe® codes to be entered directly into SAP Business One.

Findings & conclusion

Since August 2019, cell premium has been successfully using the valuesafe® brand authentication solution in combination with advast suisse security labels. The feedback from distributors and consumers has been highly positive. In Asian markets in particular, where consumers are continually confronted with counterfeit products, the option of online authentication is highly valued and has resulted in increased customer loyalty.

“As a Swiss cosmetics company , we feel it is important that cell premium continues to work at the cutting edge of innovation. With the expansion of our product lines and worldwide exports, we have been proactively investing in technologies that guarantee the authenticity and traceability of our products. We worked closely with advast suisse to adapt the valuesafe® technology to our requirements, and we are proud to be the first luxury cosmetic brand to introduce and use this solution in Switzerland.”
Dr. med. Harald GernyFounder and CEO of cell premium/Med Beauty Swiss AG

About cell premium

The success story of the Swiss cosmetics company Med Beauty Swiss began over 20 years ago with Zurich dermatologist Dr. Harald Gerny. His idea was to integrate medicinal substances into luxury cosmetic formulas. cell premium is based on groundbreaking Swiss innovation. Plant-based stem cells protect human skin cells and promote their growth. In 2007, cell premium came onto the market – the first Swiss luxury line to use plant-based stem cells.

About WI data GmbH

WI data GmbH is a certified SAP partner and has been implementing SAP Business One solutions for its customers since 2010. WI data GmbH can call on wide-ranging expertise, particularly in the field of production, with a broad-based team which allows it to fulfill complex customer requirements such as integration and customer-specific adaptations. Customers value the Baar-based company as a quality-conscious, innovative consultancy and development company. The solutions it develops fit seamlessly into company processes and result in significant added value.